Saturday, 26 November 2011

Chinese Water Deer

After weeks of nothing but Rabbits I finally decided to move the remote camera. On checking the final few videos I found a Chinese Water Deer giving the Bushnell Trophy Cam a thorough checking! Oh well it's off to pastures new for the camera.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Kempston Mill 25th November

Flushed a Woodcock up river between Church end and Box end park (TL016481), in
the wood on the east side of the river. A little further along flushed the same
or second bird!

There was a flock of at least 55 Lapwing on the spit at Box End Park, Kingfisher
was active along the river. Skylark, Meadow Pipit, Fieldfare and Redwing also

Came across some ripe Ivy Berries on the north side of The Bedford Golf Course:

Ivy berries with Hawthorn berries behind

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

RSPB Titchwell 23rd November

Had a trip out to the RSPB reserve at Titchwell today. The weather forecast failed me yet again and the expected "sunshine all day" failed to materialise but at least it didn't rain. Failed to connect with Bittern or Bearded Tits on this trip but there was plenty of other stuff to see including Hen Harrier, Red-breasted Merganser (40+ together off shore!), Spoonbill and Purple Sandpiper to name but a few. There was also a spectacular flock of Golden Plover. Spectacle of the day, however, was the sunset.

Some images from the day:


3 Marsh and 1 Hen Harrier over the dunes
Male Shoveler
Female Shoveler with male Teal in front.
Male Teal
Female Teal

The Golden Plover flock on the the move
Mixed Godwits. Black and Bar-tailed.

Off into the Sunset. Golden Plover.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Box End Park WeBS: 20/11/2011

Very foggy this morning with visibility down to ~100m making counting difficult. On arrival at the lake edge had a Kingfisher calling and it flew past, unseen in the fog. Although initially unseen on the spit parties of Lapwing and Black-headed Gulls flew up making counting possible as they circled overhead, in and out of the fog. A Little Grebe was flushed from the edge of the lake as I passed. Meadow Pipits were plentiful with 12 seen but many calls heard in the fog, no Skylarks though. Along the east side of the lake as I approached the north section a wader flushed from the side of the lake some way ahead of me. It didn't call but I suspect it was a Common Sandpiper as there was no flash of white rump which I think I would have spotted despite the poor visibility. I was unable to relocate it further along the lake edge so guess it flew across to the other side. A little further along a Grey Wagtail flushed from the edge and flew past me before settling again. Those were the highlights of a very grey morning, full counts follow:

Black-headed Gull 58    
Cormorant 1    
Great Crested Grebe 1    
Grey Wagtail 1    
Kingfisher 1    
Lapwing 18    
Little Grebe 2    
Mallard 46    
Mandarin Duck 1    
Meadow Pipit 12    
Moorhen 1    
Mute Swan 10 includes 5 juveniles  
Pied/White Wagtail 2    
unidentified wader 1 Probable Common Sandpiper but no call and foggy conditions prevented definitive ID.
Total number of species: 14 Individuals: 155

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Kempston Mill Sunday 13th November

My local patch this morning but not much to report. I had 15 Fieldfare over south west early on and there were 3 Little Grebe on the river at Biddenham Loop CP (BLCP), the first of the winter here for me. Met a fellow photographer while out and had a chat about the area as it was his first time down here. There was a good size flock of Goldfinch at BLCP, in the region of 30 birds on the Teasels. Sadly the fields both up and down stream from the Mill have been cut in the last couple of weeks so we have lost all of the seed heads that the birds rely on over winter. Why this is necessary at this time of year is a mystery, especially in these cash strapped times.

This past week I have made 3 evening visits down to the Mill, in search of the reported Short-eared Owl, with no luck. It has either moved on or is very elusive.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Greenfinches on Sunflowers

These Greenfinches visited the Sunflowers in the garden today and I managed to get some nice shots through the bathroom window!



Greenfinch eating Sunflower Seed
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