Sunday, 13 November 2011

Kempston Mill Sunday 13th November

My local patch this morning but not much to report. I had 15 Fieldfare over south west early on and there were 3 Little Grebe on the river at Biddenham Loop CP (BLCP), the first of the winter here for me. Met a fellow photographer while out and had a chat about the area as it was his first time down here. There was a good size flock of Goldfinch at BLCP, in the region of 30 birds on the Teasels. Sadly the fields both up and down stream from the Mill have been cut in the last couple of weeks so we have lost all of the seed heads that the birds rely on over winter. Why this is necessary at this time of year is a mystery, especially in these cash strapped times.

This past week I have made 3 evening visits down to the Mill, in search of the reported Short-eared Owl, with no luck. It has either moved on or is very elusive.