Saturday, 24 March 2012

Latest from the Badger Sett

I changed the location of the new camera so that it overlooks a well used sett entrance. I could see that this hole was being used as there was quite a bit of fresh excavation work around the entrance and also a trail of bedding material leading up to it.

A couple of the clips show bedding being taken back to the sett, there is also a bit of grooming and one badger appears to come out of the sett, curl up and go to sleep.

The new Bushnell Trophy Cam (119436) seems to be working well. Really like having sound on the clips, caught a Chiffchaff singing on one clip and one of the badger clips (not included here) had the dawn chorus which sounded brilliant.

The timestamp is not so great. I expected date and time visible on the entire clip not just a single frame at the start, so will be turning that off.