Monday, 18 June 2012

Aigas 2012: Pine Martin and Roe Deer

More from the Pine Martin Loch hide at Aigas. This time the Pine Martin is the star of the show. The first couple of clips are pretty standard stuff at this hide, although the second one has the Pine Martin having a groom. Later on a couple of Roe Deer pass by in the background, look out for their eye shine. Initially the Pine Martin doesn't seem bothered and continues eating, but then it spots the deer and heads towards them before realising they may be a little big for him. A little later one of the Roe Deer arrives in front of camera and we finish off with a Roe Deer passing through during daylight.

This is a good example of the sort of thing you can see at Aigas. There are now 2 Pine Martin hides, one on site (Loch Side) and the original one (Quarry) a few minutes down the road. Pine Martins and Badgers are visiting both hides most nights although while we were there last week they seemed to be later at the Loch side hide. Visits are arranged for the Quarry hide but the Loch Side hide is available at anytime.

For photography the Quarry Hide seemed to be the better option as the Pine Martins were regularly visiting while the light was still good whereas it was darker by the time they arrived at the Loch Side Hide. This would obviously vary depending on the time of year you are visiting and of course the animals may have other ideas!