Friday, 14 September 2012

Kempston Mill/Biddenham Loop this morning

JA has seen Otters around the Mill pool several times recently but I hadn't until today. I spotted a single Otter under the trees just upstream from the Mill pool and followed it a short way upstream. The light was terrible early on so no photo's this time but great to see an Otter that far down stream. I lost it downstream from the weir when it slipped under the water and disappeared.

There was plenty of sign yesterday morning with fresh spraint on the wood/gravel steps by the weir and in the usual spot, on the concrete outflow by the bypass bridge. Also looking across the river at the weir there are quite a few Crayfish claws on the bank where it meets the wall of the weir on the downstream side, looks like a regular eating spot.

I continued upstream this morning and at Biddenham Loop CP I found suitable subjects and conditions to attempt a "black background" shot and it didn't turn out too bad, if I do say so myself:

Sleeping Mute Swans
Unfortunately the Swans were really keen on snoozing so the next shot was one of the few times when one of them moved. I didn't quite nail it in the few seconds before it settled down again. I would really have liked the full reflection in the shot but that's one for next time.

Mute Swan on black