Sunday, 11 November 2012

Starling Roost - Willington GP

Following are a series of photo's from the Willington GP Starling roost this evening. A conservative estimate is c2000 birds although it was hard to say as they came in waves and some of the early birds dropped into the reed bed early, hence we never saw the full number in the air together.

One of the larger groups seen

A small group drop into the reed bed


Not a huge number but quite a nice spectacle non the less. Also heard a Water Rail squealing in the reed bed and had c250 Greylag Geese come in to the main lake. A Barn Owl was hunting along the edge of the sheep field, chased by a Kestrel at one point. A large group of Barnacle Geese were in the sheep field, uncounted due to distance and the tight grouping. Not a bad evening!