Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Box End Park WeBS: 13/01/2013

Not much to shout about Sunday morning, not that surprising really as a couple of weeks ago the park was under water. At least the Lapwings were back at the roost now the spit is above water. Counts for the day were as follows:
Black-headed Gull 33  
Cormorant 7  
Grey Heron 1  
Kingfisher 1  
Lapwing 50  
Little Grebe 1  
Mallard 60  
Moorhen 2  
Mute Swan 7 Including 1 first winter bird and one adult with orange Darvic ring 744
Pied/White Wagtail 1  
Sparrowhawk 1  
Total number of species: 11 Individuals: 164

Other birds noted were:

Fieldfare 7 over east
Redwing 1 over east
Stock Dove 1 singing over by the boat house
Treecreeper 1
Skylark 2 over west