Sunday, 27 April 2014

Box End Park WeBS: 20/04/2014

It was a pretty poor WeBS survey at Box End Park this month with several regulars missing from the list. Here is the full WeBS list:

Buzzard 2  
Canada Goose 7 1 on nest.
Common Tern 4  
Coot 5  
Kingfisher 2  
Mallard 22  
Mute Swan 6 1 on nest.
Oystercatcher 1  
Pied/White Wagtail 2
Skylark 2

Total number of species: 10, Individuals: 53

Nice to see the Mute Swans nesting on the spit at the south end of the lake. The nesting Canada Goose is a first for the park that I am aware of. Not really a species we want breeding as we have too many in Bedford already, but probably a sign of things to come.

Nice to see the Common Terns back and hopefully numbers will increase over the coming weeks and we will have them breeding here as normal. Doesn't look like the Oystercatchers are nesting here but they still seem to be coming over to feed so they may be nesting in or around the small pool on the other side of the nearby bypass.

Other birds of note:

Greylag Goose 2 over north
Stock Dove 3
Willow Warbler 2
Sedge Warbler 1
Reed Bunting 1
Blackcap 6
Chiffchaff 2

Also a couple of Swallows back at the Stables across the road.