Saturday, 14 June 2014

Pow Hill Country Park

Another stop, on the way up to Northumberland, was Pow Hill Country Park. I had a tip off that there were Red Squirrels there. We didn't find any although we were there around midday and I suspect early morning or evening might be a better time for them. We may have missed out on our intended target but it is a really nice area, rich in varied bird life and I would definitely spend a lot of time there if I lived in the area.

Not sure where the Red Squirrels are supposed to be but I wonder if the picnic area, on the left as you drive into the car park and hidden from view, might be the best place in hindsight as people are likely to feed them there.

A wander around the conifer woodland looking for the Squirrels turned up a variety of birds including Goldcrest and Coal Tits and many others. Curlew was heard nearby on the adjacent moors and along the edge of the reservoir I had Snipe, Lapwing and Common Sandpiper.

Definitely worth a look if you are in the area.

Common Sandpiper

Pied Wagtail (Looking a bit worse for wear)

 There were no facilities in the Pow Hill CP car park but back up the road at the Derwent Reservoir entrance there is a fishing shop with some snacks and drinks for sale and public toilets.

Pow Hill Country Park