Sunday, 30 October 2011

Recent bits and bobs

I collected the SD card from the trophy cam last night and had a look through. Not much of interest but I put together a number of clips showing Red-legged and Grey Partridge which looked in really good condition and, helpfully, came right up to the camera.

Red-legged and Grey Partridge

We haven't seen a Badger since the first weekend we put the camera out. Foxes are regular visitors and happily take all the nuts we put out for the Badgers. Might be time to find another location for the camera.

This morning a walk along the river at Kempston Mill was fairly quiet although Redwings were seen regularly. Highlights were:

Skylarks were singing again and Meadow Pipits were also about. Kingfishers were heard up at Church End and seen downstream at the bottom of Hillgrounds. A group of 5 Siskins was seen up at Box End Park.There were quite a few flocks of Woodpigeons moving south, the biggest of which was 80 strong.