Monday, 17 October 2011

Red Deer Rut at Woburn Deer Park 17/10/2011

Spent a morning at the Woburn Deer Park in the hope of catching some rutting action. We weren't disappointed as there was plenty of roaring going on up the hill towards the Paris House Restaurant. We had already passed a number of large stags, on the way up the hill, when we came across this big fellow close to the road.
Red Deer stag roaring
He didn't have any hinds and soon decided to take a rest.

Red Deer stag at rest

Red Deer Stag at rest
We spotted this guy, earlier at the bottom of the hill, nicely framed by a tree.

Having witnessed a short duel half way up the hill we came across a couple of stags with groups of hinds at the top of the hill. These guys were set back from the road a bit more and were bellowing at each other. One guy was working hard to keep his girls to himself while the other looked fairly relaxed with a slightly smaller group of girls sticking close by.

The Sika Deer stags were also letting out their "creaking door" roars which is a weird sound and must be quite scary if you are up there in the dark!   

Great fun to watch, and listen to, recommend you get up there soon to catch some of the action.