Sunday, 6 May 2012

Badger activity over the past 2 weeks

I had a marathon session yesterday afternoon going through 2 weeks of trail cam footage from the Badger sett. I usually change the card each week but didn't get up there last weekend, I'll try not to miss a week again as I had 350 clips to go through. This was a bit surprising as there have only been just over 100 clips each week recently, but there was more Rabbit activity around the sett these last 2 weeks with a couple of young rabbits showing up regularly. There was also a really busy sett maintenance night on the 28/04 when the Badgers were busy digging out the main holes around the sett. This activity racked up 44, 30 second, clips in just under an hour. Here a couple of clips from that batch:

Still haven't seen more than 3 badgers at any one time and still no cubs :-(

The following clip captured a male Tawny Owl calling. I have increased the volume of the soundtrack but you may still need to increase the volume on your PC to hear it:

Don't forget to turn your PC volume back down again ;-)