Sunday, 20 May 2012

This week at the badger sett

I moved the camera last week. It's still looking over the same area but slightly set back and higher up. I may have to rethink this as the clips are a little dark but it does give a good overview of the sett.

Lots of comings and goings this week at the Badger sett. The following clips show some of the interactions between the badgers, with the final one showing some play fighting.

Not sure whether it was the new camera location making it better able to capture the passing Muntjac, or whether there were just more muntjac around but the following is a selection of the Muntjac clips this week. the second one shows one passing a badger and the third one has a great backing track from a singing Blackcap.

Finally a brief clip of the Roe Deer passing through again.