Sunday, 15 April 2012

Badger sett this week

After a couple of weeks with lots of activity around the sett this week was very quiet. Did get a Muntjac passing through which is the first time since a move the camera.

The main talking point this week was three dogs that were seen around the sett. Two were seen together both were interested in the holes but were too big to worry about them entering. Later in the week a terrier also came through and actually entered one of the holes. I didn't see it come out but assume it disappeared out of frame, before the camera triggered, when it came back out. Hopefully this won't become a regular occurrence. A black cat was also seen around the sett a couple of times and seemed interested in going down one of the holes but decided against it.

Following is three clips from the camera trap this week. First it seems like there was a disturbance around the sett as one of the badgers has just come out then 2 others come crashing through. Second, one of the badgers is seemingly spooked by the camera. Finally a Muntjac moves through the sett in the early hours.