Saturday, 7 April 2012

Latest from the Badger sett

Highlight this week was another new species for the site. This time a Brown Hare did a quick circuit of the Badger sett.

Since moving the camera I have not had the variety of wildlife pass by which is a little surprising given the camera is only about 20 yards from the previous position and looks back towards the old position. This week a Fox passed through which made a nice change.

And finally the Badgers. After last week when the badgers seemed to be taking loads of bedding into the sett, this week appeared to be maintenance week with many clips of the Badgers digging out the sett holes. Here are a couple of the digging clips followed by one where a couple of the Badgers indulge in a little mutual grooming.

To highlight the amount of activity around the sett this week the previous 2 weeks the camera captured 18 and 27 Badger clips. This week there were 63 clips! Maximum number of Badgers in a clip still stands at 3, hopefully we'll have a cub or 2 soon.