Sunday, 15 April 2012

Otter again

I met up with Stephen Plummer this morning, who was back in Bedfordshire for the weekend. I was hoping to show him an Otter on my local stretch of the Great Ouse, but when I found him he was already watching one which he had been following downstream from Great Denham. We were now at the south east corner of Box End Park. We followed the animal downstream until it gave us the slip just upstream from the bypass. The wind got up quite suddenly and made it difficult to pick out ripples made by the Otter so we gave up and headed back up stream. Stephen had been following the animal since about 06:15 and it was around 07:30 when we headed back up stream.

There were more Willow Warblers around this morning with a couple heard along the river near Hillgrounds road in Kempston. I also had a single Swallow over, along the golf course, behind the houses at Carnoustie Drive, Gt. Denham.

Another great morning, if somewhat nippy, and great to meet up with Stephen again.